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Improve company website keyword rankings in search engines and increase company website sales with search engine optimization or search engine advertising.

High in Google in 3 steps

  • Keyword research
  • Website optimization
  • Linkbuilding
  • 1
    Keyword analysis
    We analyse which relevant keywords are highly interesting to appear high in the most important search engines.
  • 2
    Website optimization
    Pages within the website will be optimized for important keywords on the basis of the current top 10 in search engines.
  • 3
    Which websites link to high ranking competitors. 70% of keyword rankings are determined by quality backlinks!

Google Penguin update

Dec 9, 2012 No comments

What works and what does not work after the Google Penguin update?


After the introduction of the Google Penguin update of May 2012, the effects of which were visible in the Netherlands in June and July 2012, it seems like there is still no solution for a new search engine optimization strategy. In addition, on search engine optimization forums worldwide still panic. Unfortunately so called search engine optimization specialists who seek even more panic or try yourself an advantage to be gained from this panic. These are called gooders who the best boy in the class to play in SEO forums. For all the foregoing reasons, there is much nonsense and untruths written about the solutions regarding. Google Penguin Update.


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